There isn’t a lot of photography I haven’t tried!

Over the years I have tackled everything from portraiture to astrophotography. Fine art to Zamel’s jewelry catalogues. Industrial to architecture. Fashion to sports.

Thanks in part to my early exposure to the craft via both my father Brian, and his father Aubrey. A basic portfolio preparation led me to a one year Certificate in Art course at North Adelaide School of Art, followed by three years of a Diploma in Applied and visual art. I didn’t complete it. I began working for Adelaide’s seminal street press, Core Magazine and Rip It Up, then gained a placement as an assistant to the great Kevin Odaly at Aspect Photographics. This industry exposure found me outpacing the technique being taught.

I’ve helped propel the careers of artists like Sia, I’ve sold my work to The Prodigy, Kate Ceberano and so many more. I’ve worked for Polygram and Shock records. I’ve freelancend my butt off.

“I made a name for myself as a music industry photographer in the good old bad old days during Adelaide’s live/electonic music boom of the early nineties.”

I love shooting available light, tricky situations, moody stuff. 

Most of my early work was stolen in St Kilda circa 1999. Prints, negatives, the lot. So I don’t have a lot of imagery from days of old to share.




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